Troubleshooting: SPS

Why aren't my assets reflected in the snapshot?

#1. Have you linked your appropriate wallets? If not, then click you account name, select "Link External Wallet," and input the address for that specific wallet type.
#2. Have you waited until the next snapshot? Snapshots are taken only once a day so if you acquire more assets at 1 PM Eastern, you have to wait 23 hours till the next snapshot (at 12 PM Eastern).

How do I stake from my BSC wallet?

Right now you can only stake SPS from your in-game account. If you have SPS in your BSC wallet that you want to stake, you have to transfer it in-game and then stake it.
In the future, Splinterlands plans to allow staking directly from the BSC wallet but that mechanism is not currently available yet.

What other SPS mechanisms have not yet been implemented?

#1. Staking on individual players
#2. SPS rewards for Ranked battle, tournaments, and brawls
#3. Voting and in-game governance
#4. Oracle Rewards
#5. Incentivizing Team Members
#6. Staking directly from the BSC wallet

What do I do if I am having trouble claiming SPS or transferring SPS?

Please go to our Customer Service Portal: and choose the Issue Category "SPS Issue."
If you are having trouble claiming SPS, select "Claim" and please tell us the Asset category (i.e. Hive, Wax, Ethereum) you are having trouble claiming and the amount.
If you are having trouble transferring SPS, select "Transfer," identify the origin and destination source, enter the amount of SPS you were transferring, and also include the transaction id (if possible).