What is SPS?

You can learn more about Splintershards (SPS) here:

Where can I find exact details on how SPS works?

You can read the SPS White Paper here:

How much SPS is in circulation?

Information about SPS distribution can be found on the White Paper:

Where can I buy/sell SPS and check its price?

There are several different options including but not limited to Pancake Swap:
and Hive-Engine:

What is the token information for SPS so I can add it to my BSC wallet?

When is the SPS airdrop snapshot?

The snapshot occurs each day at roughly 12 PM Eastern (4 PM UTC).

Can I unstake multiple amounts of SPS?

No. You can only have one unstaking process ongoing at a time. If you want to unstake more, you need to either wait for the current unstaking process to complete. Or you can cancel the current unstaking and then start a new unstaking process

Do I earn staking rewards while I am unstaking?

Yes. SPS is considered staked until the exact moment when it becomes unstaked. So if you unstake 100 SPS and will receive 25 SPS every 4 weeks, then you will receive staking rewards for each tranche of 25 SPS until the exact moment it becomes liquid SPS.