What is DEC?

You can read more about Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) here:

Where can I buy/sell DEC and check its price?

Splinterlands does not directly sell DEC.
Splinterlands does buy a lot of DEC through the open markets. When players buy or rent cards with Credits, the card owners are paid with DEC so Splinterlands periodically buys DEC so that these payments can be made.
Players can buy or sell DEC through:
Some players also buy/sell DEC off market using the Splinterlands Discord server. Remember that any off market transactions are at your own risk! You can also use a trusted intermediary to reduce your risk.

Isn't Splinterlands selling me DEC when I click the "+" button next to the DEC icon?

No. That is a third party service offered by PrivEx.
This actually uses existing exchanges like Hive Engine to purchase the DEC. If you buy a large quantity of DEC, then the price might increase substantially due to price impact.
If you know how to use exchange markets, you can often buy the DEC you want more cheaply by using those exchanges yourself and putting in orders.

What is the token information for DEC so I can add it to my wallet?


How do I transfer DEC?

The safest method to transfer DEC is to use the in-game method. Log into Splinterlands, click the DEC icon, enter the amount, choose your wallet type, and then click Transfer In or Transfer Out. You can automatically transfer in/out to Hive Engine this way.
If you want to transfer in/out to your Tron, Ethereum, or BSC wallets, then you have to first link them. Click your account name, select "Link External Wallet" and enter your wallet address in the appropriate category.
You should NOT transfer out to Steem Engine unless you also own the corresponding Steem account.
There are other ways to manually transfer DEC in/out, but those are not recommended because user error can often cause DEC to be irrevocably lost that way.

What is the "peg rate?"

When purchasing Untamed boosters, Land, and Potions from the Splinterlands store, Splinterlands accepts DEC at the fixed peg rate of $.0010000/DEC. Some players feel that "par value" is a more accurate term than "peg rate."
This was particular important in the early days of DEC when the market rate was much lower than this.
Right now the market rate is much higher than the peg rate, so it is not recommended that you buy items from the Splinterlands Store using DEC when you can pay in Credits instead.
Also note that when you buy or rent cards through the secondary market, the market rate of DEC is used (NOT the peg rate). And when you sell cards, the amount of DEC you receive is based on the market rate.